Soft Focus Gel Makeup Primer

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    Product description:A pre-makeup gel with a matte soft-focus makeup effect, capable of concealing pores and ensuring a long-lasting, well-fitted makeup look.
    · Specially adds organic soft light particles, conceals pores, corrects imperfections, and reveals even, bright skin.
    · Smooth gel texture, effectively controls skin oiliness, maintaining a natural matte and foggy makeup effect for a long time.
    · Infused with luxurious caviar essence and multiple plant-based moisturizing extracts, making the skin tender, smooth, and comfortably moisturized.


    Usage method:After skincare, take an appropriate amount of the gel and evenly apply it to the face using your fingertips.


    Soft Focus Gel Makeup Primer - CHINASQUAD
    Soft Focus Gel Makeup Primer - CHINASQUAD
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